Confidence, Character, Skill Building and Conditioning

kids kickboxing classes clearwaterOur comprehensive program combines award winning COBRA self defense, American kickboxing and fitness concepts to help grow children into strong young men and women.

Some kids don’t fit in with the mainstream sports or maybe this is a way to develop even greater concentration and body control. Maybe your child just needs a constructive, physical activity. Martial arts and kickboxing is a great way for children to find encouragement and challenge themselves in a positive martial arts, kids kickboxing clearwater

Classes cover everything from martial arts techniques to anti-abduction and bully response. Some children find themselves being bullied at a new level of schooling and don’t know how to stand up for themselves. We train families in bully response and help kids find ways to neutralize these bully attempts. COBRA has a nationally recognized law enforcement based anti- bully  program. For Detailed Anti-Bully Information Click Here.

Junior Martial Arts

The junior martial arts program meets at 5:30pm every  Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday classes are available for a free class trial. So get registered and have your child try it out!

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