Too many times traditional martial arts gets monotonous.

MMA classes clearwater They make you wear an odd uniform and stand in the back while you learn a lot of filler material in order to earn a black belt in the real techniques. This is where COBRA changes the game. The uniform is simply an approved COBRA shirt and shorts, black pants (like tights or track pants) or anything you can move freely in and sweat in.

It is an academy style training environment that continues what the COBRA 10 week Academy started and allows you to learn even more technical skills over time on your way to a black belt. This tactical training approach means that you will be learning combat oriented techniques as well as American Kickboxing for sport.

Credits are earned for classes attended and count toward your progression in rank. We believe that if you are present you are engaged and learning. Once you have enough credits to qualify for a rank test you will be invited by your instructor to participate.

You decide your progression speed.woman kickboxing clearwater ma fitness

Attend as many classes per week and achieve black belt status in no time. It’s all based on your attendance and participation. Be in class and get the best training every time.

This class is open to women and men alike from age 13+. Many different ages and genders are training currently and learning every day.

Classes: Tuesday, Wednesday 6:15pm (plus access to all of the kickboxing/fitness classes)

Length: 45 minutes

What class will entail: Learning technical skills and in kickboxing, reality self defense and fitness conditioning

Who can take this class? Anyone! Men, women and teens welcome over the age of 13 yrs.

co-ed martial arts clearwater

Want to start with the COBRA 10 Week Academy first? Most people do. It sets a strong foundation in the basics and allows you to get a feel for the atmosphere without a long term commitment. See more information here.

You can get started by registering online! This link will take you to our E-store where you can see all the current prices and decide what is best for you. There are options from 1 month all the way to 1 year. We look forward to having you training with us soon!