women's strength training clearwater

All of our classes utilize team training methods and strength building is no different.

No you won’t get bulky here but you will build an athletic, lean tone that has power behind it. You’ll feel more put together, relieve aches by strengthening weak muscles and develop a strong core.

In a strength class you will be focusing on either UPPER or LOWER. Trainers will have a workout planned out for you already and lead you through the movements. The workouts are always different and challenge you in various ways so you avoid plateaus.

Strength is Found in Knowledge

In classes you will learn while you burn. Understanding how to contract certain muscles, the right posture and the right resistance level will be key in developing certain areas. The instructors are trained to guide you through movements and offer corrections or hand you a different weight to challenge you more.

You will be using medicine balls, resistance bands, dumbbell free weights, bodyweight and functional training devices to build your lean physique. Each class will challenge you no matter where you are at on the fitness spectrum. Don’t be afraid of strength class! We make it easy to follow along and take the time to teach you.