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Listen: Chris Sutton On The Mike Kara Radio Program

Chris Sutton sat down with the Mike Kara Radio Program "Eye On The Nation" to discuss self-defense. The discussion covers a range of self-defense topics such as 7 deadly self-defense mistakes, how you are selected for an attack and child safety. Play the video below to listen in -- or download the mp3s below. Interview Part 1 (mp3) Interview Part 2 (mp3) Interview Part 3 (mp3)...

Radio Interview

Chris Sutton's C.O.B.R.A.™ Self-defense radio interview is now live. We cover real child safety, 7 deadly self-defense mistakes people make daily, the dangers of social media, everyday weapons and firearm safety. Click the link above to listen!...
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Resources For Reaching Your Goals

Whether you are looking to get in shape, discover reality-based techniques that will protect you when you need it most, or find the methods that will finally help you achieve your goals, The Fight For Success Resource Kit's videos and articles have helped people just like you get on the right path to realizing their goals. Get Your Free Kit...

Chris Sutton’s Martial Arts & Fitness Opens New Location In Tarpon Springs Florida

UPDATE: We've moved this Tarpon Springs location to a bigger, better facility: more info here. In addition to our Clearwater location, we are excited to open our new Chris Sutton's Martial Arts & Fitness location in Tarpon Springs, Florida! See the maps below for our exact locations and contact info. We look forward to seeing you there. And if you are looking for even more locations, our C.O.B.R.A.™ program continues to grow across the nation -- and even internationally. Chris Sutton's Martial Arts & Fitness Clearwater 24013 US 19 North...

Video: MATA Founder Recommends C.O.B.R.A.™ Self-Defense

We were honored to receive this video from renowned martial artist and teacher John Graden, founder of MATA (Martial Arts Teachers' Association). John chose Chris Sutton's Martial Arts academy for his own children and recommends Chris Sutton's academy for others. Chris trains private sector LEO & Military personel as well as all other adults and kids. About Chris Sutton's unique, reality-based self-defense system C.O.B.R.A.: "One of the foremost self-defense systems I've ever seen." - John Graden...
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