MA Fitness Kickboxing Clearwater

Fitness clearwater classesThe best 45 minute workout in the Tampa Bay area has now expanded to Clearwater. After making waves in St Pete and Pinellas Park, MA Fitness is now offering kickboxing, strength training, self defense and martial arts for the whole family in North Pinellas.

Accesible classes allow you to work at your pace while getting instruction and motivation from the instructors. Start to see results with a proven program! Affordable monthly rates and 10 week chalenges are available to help you get started easily and without long term commitments.

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Active Shooter plan class COBRA Self Defense is an international system that we are proud to offer here at MA Fitness. Our local training facilities have been covered numerous times by the media from FOX13 to Bay News 9 and the Tampa Bay Times. 

Kids self defense, anti-abdutction, awareness, active shooter emergency plans, and real estate safety are just a few of the training classes that are offered through COBRA. 

Understanding the difference between traditional martial arts and COBRA Defense is key. When you sign up for martial arts you are signing up to learn a theory based art that may take you months or years to learn self defense. COBRA gets right to the point of personal defense. Coming from years of training in law enforcement, this training model follows academy training very closely. Realistic situations like ATM robberies, ground survival and abduction scenarios train your mind to react with gross motor skills. This training allows you to learn fast so you walk away with immediate knowledge and skills after each class.