Saturday, May 25, 2024

Kickboxing For Workouts? Yes, And Here’s Why


Self defense is invaluable training, and an important aspect that we preach is conditioning. You want to be able to outlast your opponent! This means you need to be doing cardiovascular training, getting yourself in shape, and eliminating any trace of being a soft target. It helps when you’ve got the muscles to prove it!

The exercise of choice for us? Kickboxing.

Not only do you receive an incredible workout – the best cardio workout we’ve ever done – you also are able to practice your strikes and defensive tactics even more. Each class comes with plenty of sweat, but it also comes with an opportunity to hone your skills.

In addition, these classes deliver a workout that is structured after fight rounds. The average fight on the street lasts about 30 seconds, so if you can last a full 4 minutes, you’re on the right track to come out on top. Tire your attacker out. They won’t expect that much of a fight form you, but that much of a fight is what we’re going to give them.

Need more convincing that kickboxing is the best workout for you? How about the fat burning effects? Following a high intensity interval training style method, these workouts will promote fat loss while giving you resistance training, all in one. Every time you hit the bag, you are developing lean muscle. This makes you stronger, leaner, and faster.

Kickboxing IS for everyone. Whether you have self defense training, fitness training, or no training at all, there’s not better workout. It’s more than just sweat – it’s a skill that you can develop and practice. And yes, you’ll get in incredible shape, too.

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