Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Back To School Public Safety Day For Kids & Adults on August 9th @ 930 a.m.



Get Your Family Properly Prepared for the New School Season
  • Learn what specific steps to take when your child is being bullied. Hint, fighting back is not required.
  • Learn how to respond to an Active Shooter situation. Hint, playing dead is not on the list.
  • Learn the best ways to prevent child abduction and kidnapping. Hint, kicking him down under is not on the list.
  • Learn how the web and social media are exposing your family to more potential harm than anything in history. Hint, Google Earth helps bad guys case your house for burglary or home invasion without ever leaving their PC.
  • Learn the one move you can use to drastically reduce your potential for a violent attack.  Hint, it does not involve punching or kicking.
This program will be taught by its creator Chris Sutton. Chris is a former maximum security prison guard, street cop, sheriff, and a black belt in multiple systems.
This is a rare opportunity to learn from the source.
Criminals want an easy target. Do not be an easy target.


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