Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Ultimate Stress Reliever

MA Fitness Clearwater Kickboxing

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We are all connected in today’s society. Mostly everything we do is online and it just seems like we’re so accessible especially at our jobs.

No matter how many jobs you’ve have had before, it always seems like there is this ONE person who always gets under your skin. It could be your aggravating boss that is just so demanding or unreasonable with work related request. It could be a lazy coworker that you just cannot stand because he gets away with being lazy. Whatever the reason or whoever it may be we’ve all gone through it before. Dealing with these type of people can leave you frustrated and angry, and if you’ve ever tried to do thing angry, you know it’s not a good thing to do. Everything seems to upset you and you being to lash out at others for the smallest things. Misery loves companyMA Fitness Clearwater Kickboxing

Violence is NEVER the answer and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you absolutely have to, but.


When you’re hitting that bag you can zone in and forget everything except for that person. Just visualize and start hitting. You can hit as hard as you want and guess what? It doesn’t hit back! The punching bag is designed to take whatever you throw at it and then some so hit it and hit hard. You’ll feel so much better after the punching bag session. You’ll have a clear mind and that can help you solve problems that you have in your life that you wouldn’t normally be able to if you were angry and stressed out.

Also while hitting the bag, the body increases the production of endorphins and neurotransmitters that create feel good thoughts in your brain. Punching also relieves muscle tension that can build up when you experience stress.

Keep in mind that using a punching bag to relieve stress is only a temporary solution. If the stress is interfering with your life seek medical assistance.

All in all, for those days that you need to release some built up rage, working with the punching bag is a great way to relieve stress and get a good workout in.

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