Sunday, July 21, 2024


COBRA Self Defense Mini Camp (Ages 13+)

Don't let a lack of training make you a easy potential target. 2 hours in this COBRA self defense camp is safety and survival gold for a lifetime! Get vital training in this camp that is applicable in a variety of situations. In addition, receive the Psychology of Self Defense ebook and a $15 voucher for the full 10 or 5 week course upon completion of the camp! You will learn: Striking Escapes Ground survival Strike defense Everyday weapons How criminals hunt Are you a soft target? Criminal intent Age/size/gender specific...
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Resources For Reaching Your Goals

Whether you are looking to get in shape, discover reality-based techniques that will protect you when you need it most, or find the methods that will finally help you achieve your goals, The Fight For Success Resource Kit's videos and articles have helped people just like you get on the right path to realizing their goals. Get Your Free Kit...
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