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The COBRA FIT 10 Week Kickboxing & Weight Loss Program .  

An Effective & Fun Proven System For Changing Your Body In A Short Amount Of Time. 

 Press Release Clearwater, Fl: 

The long running and ultra-popular Cobra-Defense program now has a section totally dedicated to fitness. COBRA-DEFENSE is a worldwide brand and now after years of demand the COBRA FIT program has been developed. Is gives students not only the most effective and efficient way to get in shape but also a work out they will “stick with”.


There are no shortage of fad workouts that over promise and under deliver, this is a major distraction to anyone trying to find a workout they can stay with. COBRA FIT models an athletes training regimen such as a kick boxer, boxer or anyone who would start training for a fitness event.

17 lbs Lost In Just 10 Weeks In COBRA Fit.

17 lbs Lost In Just 10 Weeks In COBRA Fit.

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KAYLA D. – 10 Week Program Graduate

Starting weight 195 lbs, ending weight 178

Starting body fat 31.6%, ending body fat 28.3%,  

Starting flexibility 23”, ending flexibility 26.5”

Starting push-ups 19, ending push-ups 35 

Starting sit-ups 20, ending sit-ups 27
Starting walk/run time 15:50, ending walk/run time 13:15

In Her Words:

 “The COBRA Fit™ 10 Week Program has been a life-changing experience. Kickboxing and Strength Training 4-5 days

a week was really hard at first, but after some time you will really become surprised at how much your endurance has

increased and how much fun you have doing it. With the constant support and motivation that the staff at COBRA Fit™

provide, I was able to surpass all of the goals that I set for myself. After 10 weeks, I am so proud to have finished and

see the changes. I would definitely recommend to anyone!” – Kayla D.
Do you need any experience or do you need to be in shape to start? Absolutely not. COBRA FIT was designed so EVERYONE can start the program and get the results their body needs.
All classes are led by a professional trainer so you don’t get that “gym scene” or feel intimidated since you’re a beginner.
What’s included and how does it work?
You select one of our 10 week start dates- Then officially sign up. If you sign up early, all that extra time is absolutely free, that’s right it cost you nothing.
We give you Free with your program:
*Custom 14oz. COBRA FIT Boxing Gloves
*The Official fully illustrated COBRA FIT Manual with nutritional plans/ recipes/ evaluation sheets and fitness tracking log sheets.
*Glove Wraps- Custom Glove Bag- Custom COBRA FIT T-Shirt
*A personal training session before your 1st class and a trainer who will lead every class for you.
*Continuous personal coaching – three fitness evaluations and a complete and comprehensive nutritional plan.
* Unlimited access to all Kickboxing & Strength Training Classes 6 days per week.

Come in 15 minutes before your first class to get your personal training introduction, that’s right even with zero experience it only takes 15 minutes to understand the workout. Train free in unlimited classes until your start date








Over 100- 5 Star Reviews On Google- Here Is Just one of them.

As a runner for the last 20 years, I have tried every fitness regimen out there to mix up my training including all the kickboxing/cardio videos, but since joining COBRA FIT three weeks ago, I am challenged on a new level. The classes are enjoyable and motivational and the intensity can be altered to your personal state of fitness. The music is high energy and each 45 minute class feels more like a fun night out than a grueling fitness routine and actually punching and kicking a bag is the ultimate stress reliever! The instructors and students are supportive and entertaining and not a class goes by by without laughter even though you are panting and sweating from the combinations mixed with circuits of cardio. After just 10 days of the program, I noticed visible changes in my body and each day I become stronger and more flexible. I am hooked and look forward to being a kickboxing devotee for life!”

– Serina Fitz


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