Friday, June 21, 2024

Basics to learning kickboxing


Basics to Learning Kickboxing

Listen up St Pete, FL! The best workout is finally here. Don’t wait anymore to get in the best shape of your life. Live more confidently and become skilled while turning into a butt kicker.

MA Fitness kickboxing classes are the most effective cardio and toning workout you can experience. Develop body coordination, flexibility, balance, focus and self-defense skills by integrating kickboxing into your workouts. Get all the muscular, cardiovascular and weight control benefits and learn how to kick butt in the process.

Kickboxing Health Benefits

  • Lower Blood Pressure
    Reduce Stress
    Decrease Standing Heart Rate
    Improve Cardiovascular Health
    Beat Type 2 Diabetes
    Lose Weight
    Build Muscle
    Feel and Look Younger
The best fitness kickboxing, self defense and martial arts in Pinellas county. Spread across 3 beautiful locations in St Pete, Pinellas Park and Clearwater the classes bring positive energy and great results.