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You Can’t Grow From a Place of Comfort

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“You can’t grow from a place of comfort…”

This was my thought as I was attending my first ever kickboxing class. I knew we were going to be punching a bag but as I found out, there’s more to it than that.

There’s always pressure in doing something new. It’s a bit uncomfortable and being the perfectionist that I am, It can be a bit frustrating the first few times. But the thrill of learning something new quickly outweighed this issue. I have already seen improvement in taking classes in the past few weeks. First and foremost, my strength and technique has gotten better with each class. I like hitting the bag, but it’s a much more satisfying feeling when you hit the bag the right way. I won’t lie there was a smirk on my face the first time I REALLY hit that bag.

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Aaron Playing in a Semi-Pro Basketball Tournament

As a basketball player, I have to run a lot and running on a treadmill or running on a court can get tedious and boring pretty quickly. The cardio you can get from kickboxing is much more exciting and enjoyable. You cannot underestimate the feeling of hitting something and getting a bit of aggression out of your system. Maybe you had a bad day at work. Your boss or coworkers may be getting on your nerves or things may not be going your way right now.

“The cardio you can get from kickboxing is much more exciting and enjoyable”

Kickboxing can be a great stress reliever especially getting that extra aggression you may have out your system. Even with the music bumping in that class setting, if your in that zone, you can feel like you’re by yourself with you and that punching bag. Nothing else.

There’s always a bit of an adjustment period when doing something new. It’s tough to step outside your comfort zone. We all are guilty of that sometimes. If your looking for a new workout to excite and challenge you, give kickboxing a chance. You’d be surprised at how much of an enjoyable experience it can be.


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